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Mr. Bush’s farewell wish

Today, Bush is to give a farewell speech to americans. I guess at this point, thats about all he really wish for his fellow citizens. From this deep well, we all are in you can only fare better.

I cant fathom fully the eight long years it has taken to rid the world and america of a disease. You cant call it anything else, like a disease, it took possession of the White House, without any legitimacy. It then proceeded to tear at host and all surroundings with wanton pleasure of destruction. All attempts to dislodge, failed, and it took full root, before its own self-destruction. Sometimes i think people didn’t really try hard enough, and so you deserve what you get. But then again, i know many did, but then they were dislodged or defeated by lies and deceit, and biggest weapon of a scoundrel – patriotism.

Today when he leaves the office, Bush leaves behind a country, ravaged by war. War fought not at home, but far away, under the pretext of keeping the home safe. Neither did he achieve the goal of keeping his home safe, nor was he able to grasp the pulpit of world dominance and leadership. Today he is probably one of the most detested american presidents, the world has known. And also the only one compared so often to a chimpanzee (we are really cruel to animals).

I tried a lot to try and stay away from the hate, as this man steps away from office. But there is no way to stay away from the truth, atleast as i know it. I am sure today will be a sad day for many americans (mostly from the Fox TV), who will now suddenly find it easy to call the new president names and disrespect the office he holds. I cannot even hope for redemption. It appears that this man doesnt even realize what he has done.

I simply submit and accept his farewell wish. I will fare well, Mr. President, thanks to you. Thanks to you, because you will not be around to destroy it for me.

November 04, 2008

Today America votes, after almost eight years of torture by a person whose most stupendous ability is to mangle any and every english sentence or phrase he uses. It has been a day that one half of America was waiting holding every breath, so that they could live to see it. A day when the world is hoping that America will finally come to its senses.

There are many choices, given that there are more than the two most prominent candidates running for the post of president. There is Ralph Nader, who has made a fashion of attempting to knock his head on a brick wall every four years. The same Ralph, who the democrats love to hate, for his apparent grant of victory to Dubya Bush. According to me there were only two parties responsible for Bush’s election in 2000, Al Gore and the US Supreme Court. One gave up, and didnt try. The other chose selection against election.

Today’s candidates, both who would have been considered unlikely to win their parties nomination, are now running neck to neck. Not exactly, if you were to belive the poll numbers, with Obama projected to win the election with a decent margin of electoral votes. Obama, an african-american (more true than most others in the nation today), is already the first non-white to run for the president with a major party nomination. Whether he wins the election or not, his journey so far in the election has been earth shattering, putting to rest a lot of notions that this nation collectively held. America is ready, for a ‘black-man’ to run for president. Mccain, was always a fence sitter on republican issues, and in different circumstances may have never won the nomination.

We may know tomorrow who between the two, the people of America elected as their president. A lot of people around me are so enamoured by Obama, and his race (not just the election race), that they believe america has suddenly overcome the race issue (the color one). Nothing can be further from the truth. Obama’s candidacy has little to do with black america and its causes for accendancy or eqaulity with the other race. Yes, there could be some tangible benefits, but not enough to close the racial divide from many years of hypocrisy and prejudice. On the other hand, a win for Mccain does not automatically mean white america is all racist. While those prejudices may have been paramount for several individuals, one should only see the team that Obama has inspired and championed with, to understand, there is hope.

Hope, exactly the thing that keeps us going. While it is difficult to forget and forgive, humankind does have the inherent ability to transcend from one problem to another. There will be a tomorrow when this dream comes true, “that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

Obama chooses Biden

This is crazy. Real crazy. But when i first read this message, i read it as “Osama chooses Bin Laden”. I did a double take, and expressed the four letter swear word ‘What !!’, loudly. I do this often, ie read faster than my brain can process, and then again, there are studies to prove that people dont read every single letter in a word.

Well, so Joe Biden, is the Vice President on Obama’s team. I dont know enough of this team to say, heaven’s doors will be wide open now. But, then again the choices these days are so limited, that we have to make do with what we get. I mean after, eight years of Bush, the best the democratic party could throw up was Hillary and Obama. Obama was again picked as the better of the two, on basis that really was just as flimsy as picking Bush over Gore in 2000.

The Iraq war all the money poured into it, is finally seeming to yield results. But that might only because of lethargy and fatigue. These issues seem so distant today, compared to the crisis facing the finiancials of the economy. Will my home and yours survive is based on numerous factors, half of which are beyond our control. And in this situation, the problem is that the democratic team is not talking very different from the republican team.

May the worst guy lose.

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