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I began blogging long ago, in these days, it seems almost alike a millennium. The urge to write was probably hidden deep inside me, and it took quite a bit of lifetime to uncover it. Well, i guess, to say i write, is to put it mildly, i actually rant. And thats how i began. My first blog, still exists,, blogspot made things a little easy to write and publish. But things were still going slow, till Yahoo launched its own blogging portal –, and thats when i became prolific. A blog a day, everything i saw, heard, felt, had to be converted into a blog. I had a small following, basically a motley crew of people with common interest, who hung around in this virtual space, patting each other, for our otherwise horror filled, writing efforts.

Yahoo soon decided to shuts its shop, and this was rather evident, much earlier, when things were not working they were supposed to. In this melee, i was lost for a brief period trying to figure out what to do. Till i discovered wordpress. I wonder why i didnt use my handle created long back, much more usefully. I today maintain about 4 blogs, all updated about once a month.

I use my blogs to bring out the frustration in me, when i see things that dont make sense. Make sense, according to me, and to me, i am the best expert i know. My friends in the real world dont completely share this opinion, i dont ask them, but they do tell me anyway, often enough. My friends in the virtual world, think otherwise. Well not exactly. Mind you these friends are real, only thing is that we exist and share things in a virtual space. I have seen or met only a couple of them. I try not to publicize my blogs, i am not shy, i am just indifferent about the fact that i blog. I tell people when they ask, and do add it to sites that are associated to me. So, i a sense, you can find my blog from many different ‘watering holes’ on the internet.

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  • Where the mind is in fear August 24, 2019
    Where the mind is in fearand the head is in gloom and painWhere knowledge is enslavedWhere the world is being broken up into fragmentsBy narrow domestic wallsWhere words come out from manufactured liesWhere hollow praises and gloating attain puerile crescendoWhere the stream of reason is a muddy quicksandIn the dreary desert sand of dead habitWhere the mind […]
  • Hindutva - The Cancer Within August 17, 2019
    Long back, when i was still in the habit of reading vociferously, a paragraph from a Robin Cook novel, caught my fancy. My love for words and phrases and concepts expressed beautifully with language leave a mark in my memory. I scoured the internet, since i didn't quite remember the title, and finally fount it, Fever. In the prologue, he elegantly descr […]
  • Why is the world we live in, unfair April 7, 2019
    Why is the world we live in, unfairSitting in luxury, high over the roadInside my car, blowing cool conditioned airDriven around my town, life passing byLooking thru the window, hidden i spyHonk blaring, the driver guns thru trafficWeaving left then right, gifting an odd scareThe window, insulates me with its paneInsecure within, but allowing me to feignSoo […]
  • Lest i forget February 20, 2019
    A candle lit held high,  Honouring the deadStood a silent forty seconds, Paying homage the martyredPosts of scorn on facebookI demand my revengeForwards on whatsappWant my pound of flesh, to avenge  Soldiers and people killed Where's the justice I yellAnger rages deep insideAll thats required, one bombshellTiring, its mid-day at workMessages and posts r […]
  • Modern Age November 18, 2018
    Modern AgeSupposedly, we live in a modern ageWhere technology, information is the rageEveryone, seems to know everythingKnowledge fountains, on every internet pageNo matter, what we read, hear or observeBlurred lines, separating the true from falsePeople they see, what they want to seeNo time to question, or find some senseRight against Left, we fight one an […]
  • I am... November 18, 2018
    I am straightI am gayI am transI am lesI am homosexualI am hetrosexualI am blackI am whiteI am womanI am jewI am muslimI am christianI am buddhistI am hinduI am dalitI am brahminI am chineseI am polishI am nigerianI am irishI am catholicI am sunniI am sikhI am poorI am illiterateI am underprivilegedI am ...I am not ....I am humanI am youAnd when roles are re […]
  • Naan Yaar? November 1, 2018
    Who am i? What am i? Why am i different from you? What makes me so abhoring that you cannot touch me? Why do you hate me so much that you stay away from me? We look up to the same gods, but you keep me away from them. We live together, but you build a wall to seperate me.Why did i choose to color myself blue? Why in this sea of blue, do i find some solace? W […]
  • Humanity Wins September 6, 2018
  • 'Aarorum Varaanilayennalum' from Koode July 28, 2018
    Koode is a Malayalam movie i saw recently. An Anjali Menon's creation. Once again showing us the kind of magic she can create on the screen. A beautiful love story. A story about a brother and sister, a son and father, son and mother, and also a story about two friends who find each other.All songs have been tuned beautifully. However this one caught me […]
  • Feku on a Lala Trip April 22, 2018
     Feku on a Lala TripChild rape all over the placeBut Feku’s on a lala tripAngry people the only saving graceTho’ Feku’s on a lala tripHis sangh shouts a god’s nameWhile Feku’s on a lala tripPolarizing, its all a shameBut Feku’s on a lala tripShah & men execute his evil planWith Feku on a lala tripUsurping states, agencies they canWhile Feku’s on a lala t […]
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