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I began blogging long ago, in these days, it seems almost alike a millennium. The urge to write was probably hidden deep inside me, and it took quite a bit of lifetime to uncover it. Well, i guess, to say i write, is to put it mildly, i actually rant. And thats how i began. My first blog, still exists,, blogspot made things a little easy to write and publish. But things were still going slow, till Yahoo launched its own blogging portal –, and thats when i became prolific. A blog a day, everything i saw, heard, felt, had to be converted into a blog. I had a small following, basically a motley crew of people with common interest, who hung around in this virtual space, patting each other, for our otherwise horror filled, writing efforts.

Yahoo soon decided to shuts its shop, and this was rather evident, much earlier, when things were not working they were supposed to. In this melee, i was lost for a brief period trying to figure out what to do. Till i discovered wordpress. I wonder why i didnt use my handle created long back, much more usefully. I today maintain about 4 blogs, all updated about once a month.

I use my blogs to bring out the frustration in me, when i see things that dont make sense. Make sense, according to me, and to me, i am the best expert i know. My friends in the real world dont completely share this opinion, i dont ask them, but they do tell me anyway, often enough. My friends in the virtual world, think otherwise. Well not exactly. Mind you these friends are real, only thing is that we exist and share things in a virtual space. I have seen or met only a couple of them. I try not to publicize my blogs, i am not shy, i am just indifferent about the fact that i blog. I tell people when they ask, and do add it to sites that are associated to me. So, i a sense, you can find my blog from many different ‘watering holes’ on the internet.


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  • Feku on a Lala Trip April 22, 2018
     Feku on a Lala TripChild rape all over the placeBut Feku’s on a lala tripAngry people the only saving graceTho’ Feku’s on a lala tripHis sangh shouts a god’s nameWhile Feku’s on a lala tripPolarizing, its all a shameBut Feku’s on a lala tripShah & men execute his evil planWith Feku on a lala tripUsurping states, agencies they canWhile Feku’s on a lala t […]
    CK Kumar
  • Tryst with Destiny December 3, 2017
    Jawaharlal Nehru delivered on the night of 14th August, one of the greatest speeches of the 20th Century. I have heard parts of this many times, as they had been played on the old Doordharshan TV.As i read it again today, i am touched by one of the architects of the Indian polity. And also saddened as we endeavour to squander it away. A nation that developed […]
    CK Kumar
  • Jimikki Kammal September 10, 2017
    While the song was released a few months back, i heard it first only a few weeks ago. And then the movie came out recently, in time for Onam. As soon as i had heard it the first time, the catchy tune stuck in my head.But now this has become an internet sensation, kind of like the Kolaveri song. It all started, i think, with a group of girls putting out their […]
    CK Kumar
  • How to kill Innovation September 4, 2017
    Ever since i met my first Mac Book back in 2005, i have been in love with it. Probably even before. I had always been a lover of the Unix OS. And when i had to switch to the windows platform for business needs, i knew i am going to hate every moment of it. And i did.Anyway, once acquainted with my Mac, i also began to appreciate small nuances made by Apple, […]
    CK Kumar
  • Jon Stewart on Crossfire August 14, 2016
    I recall watching the Crossfire on CNN during the late 90's and early 2000s. There were some good moments and it served a purpose. But you have to agree with Jon Stewart, when he describes the show as a mockery of journalism.Crossfire, and later MSNBC, and then FoxNews all took to the concept of "show", and slowly but steadily left "news […]
    CK Kumar
  • I Love My Country ... February 24, 2016
    India is my country. All Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country, and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy. To my country and all my people, I pledge my devotion. In their well being and prosperity alone li […]
    CK Kumar
  • Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening February 2, 2016
    Somethings you learn at school, you never forget. I am not talking basic arithmetic or science. We all know that 2 times 2 is 4, and the world is not flat etc. I am talking some serious poetry. Poetry for a person who is otherwise not enamored by poetry.This is one that struck me, the very first day, i read it, and has stayed in my head. I liked the way it w […]
    CK Kumar
  • Parding your beggon, Kister Monductor !! August 31, 2015
    These two lines i recalled from my days at school. But didnt remember much else. All i remember was that the poem we learnt, rather say we read, was very funny. And "Kister Monductor", was a phrase thrown about for sometime.Thanks to the WWW, all of the world's library is available to you at the click of a few buttons on the keyboard. And lo a […]
    CK Kumar
  • Bāhubali July 19, 2015
    Bāhubali, the one with strong arms, is the latest movie from director, Rajamouli. I have been tracking this director and his movies, ever since i heard of Magadheera. That superlative experience, was followed up by another astounding storytelling, this time about a fly, Eega (or Naan-E, in tamil). After these two i was thirsting for more.Bāhubali, proves tha […]
    CK Kumar
  • Swamy vs Arnab - Calling Names February 25, 2015
    I clipped this video from NewLaundry's Clothesline program. Its a sad commentary of what news reporting has come to in India. Today the proliferation of 24x7 TV News Channels, has resulted in a dearth of quality news to report. I mean, think about, there isnt enough news in the world to keep one 24x7 channel going for a full day, and then how can it fee […]
    CK Kumar
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