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February 2017
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What if everything we knew till now, is actually not the truth, or the whole truth? History has shown, or we now know, that several facts have been proven wrong, as we uncover new facts and or get a better understanding. A few hundred years ago, we believed that the earth was flat. Of course, there were people who knew it wasn’t, but the vast majority thought it was so. That’s what mattered. Because truths known only to a certain few is easily confused with conspiracy theories. Physical-Map-of-India.png
A recent news article got my gray cells cranking to write this blog. The news story talked about, the RSS, and students from the ABVP taking objections to a certain publication and or a presentation to be anti-national, only because the presenter showed a picture of the map of India the wrong way. I can understand if the map displayed national boundaries along wrong lines, and or included or excluded parts of the country. Well, it didn’t.
We are all used to seeing India, and the rest of the world represented in atlas like the here. And that’s how it has been right from the very first time when you and i were introduced to the concept of India, the US, and for that matter any other country in the world. Why? What is the right-side up? Is there a correct way to represent the planet and its land mass and water bodies?
Why? What is the right-side up? Why is it always north on top, and east on the right? Where is north, and which side is east? I can understand the relationship between North and South vs East and West. But which is up, and which is the left, and what is right? Is there a correct way to represent the planet and its land mass and water bodies?
This is the view of the Earth and its planet Moon. This view is from Mars. See it?
Don’t see anything? Look again. Here below, i have presented the same picture and labeled the location that Earth appears, as seen from Mars.
Here is our blue planet from as seen from our close friend in the galaxy, the Moon.03-Earth-from-Moon.jpg
Here is a closer view.
 And in this context, here is a view of India, in form of a map, with all the labels and tags.
Go figure!! Are we up? Are we down? Are we left? Are we right? We are but a speck in the galaxy we live. And yet, we fight about how our land is represented in a map the right-side up and or down.
For people interested here is a map of the world as published from the World down-under.

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